Two/Aught | Saltwater Flies & Other Stuff

what is two/aught?

two/aught is a place for saltwater flies and other stuff. we’ll talk fly fishing. we’ll talk fly design. the flies we’ll feature will all be created by fly fisherman who designed their patterns for a specific task and use them day in and day out on the water. no clousers or deceivers here. we’ll talk about how to tie those patterns and when and why you’d use them.

two/aught is not a place for inexperienced tiers. we won’t be covering basic techniques. we won’t be talking about specific materials unless they make a difference. we won’t be talking about where to fish either. the mission here at two/aught is to showcase the superbly crafted saltwater flies that talented tiers have designed to meet a need unsatisfied by the bins at their local fly shop.