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Wool Head Slider

Bonefish & Permit | Oceanside & Backcountry | Florida Keys and Biscayne Bay
Wool Head Slider #1 Olive & Cream
Our Wool Head Slider is a soft-landing toadfish imitation inspired by Tim Borski’s classic bonefish slider. The toadfish is a staple in both the bonefish and permit’s diet in Biscayne Bay and the Keys. The Wool Head Slider lands softly but sinks quickly making it a versatile pattern for today’s educated fish. Tied on a #1 hook with small lead eyes and a single post mono weedguard, the Wool Head Slider is only available while our limited supply of wool lasts.

Mustad S71DT-34007 #1

$10 ea.

How to Fish the Wool Head Slider

Toadfish are ubiquitous on south Florida flats and the Wool Head Slider is our dedicated toadfish imitation. Bonefish and permit key in on toadfish on certain flats and tides and often aren’t interested in anything else. The spun wool head lands softly and the small lead eyes get the fly down quick and keep it on the bottom. Like the Mer-Kwan, we drop this one close and strip it slowly. The Wool Head Slider also makes an excellent redfish fly.


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