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Tarpon | Oceanside & Backcountry | Florida Keys
Shrimpy #1 in Ginger
Shrimpy is our spin on Glenn Flutie’s shrimp hatch pattern of the same name. Shrimpy may be the best slick-calm, early morning Tarpon fly we’ve ever fished. It lands softly, rides high, and imitates a Tarpon’s favorite early morning snack. Tied with a single post weedguard. Available in limited quantities in June and July.

Mustad C68DT #1

$8 ea.

How to Fish Shrimpy

Calm mornings and rolling Tarpon in the backcountry always have us reaching in our box for Shrimpy. We fish Shrimpy on an all clear floating line with short, quick bumps over rolling fish on grass flats or along mangrove edges in the backcountry basins.


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