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Tarpon | Oceanside & Backcountry | Florida Keys
Shrimp #1 in Ginger
The Shrimp is an evolution of a pattern that has become popular in the Keys over the last few seasons. Designed to land soft and fish well without a lot of movement on calm days, this is a great pattern to throw oceanside when everyone else is throwing worms.

Ahrex SA280 #1

$10 ea.

How to Fish the Shrimp

The Shrimp is designed to land soft, ride high and fish slowly on a long leader when you encounter calm conditions on the ocean. The lightweight design (marabou tail and a body dubbed from Aunt Lydia’s rug yarn) will allow you to cast well ahead of wary fish and slide the fly into the right spot at the right time. The high-tied marabou tail provides extra protection against fouling.

The same properties that make The Shrimp an excellent choice on the ocean on calm days also lend well to backcountry basins when the water is clear.


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