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SA Merkin Tying Kit

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SA Merkin Tying Kit in Tan & White
SA Merkin Tan & White
SA Merkin Tan & Olive
SA Merkin White

The SA Merkin Tying Kit includes one pre-tied SA Merkin and the materials to tie 11 more as well as a link to a detailed step-by-step tying tutorial. The Kit includes the same premium materials we use to tie our own SA Merkins:

  • Mustad S71DT #2 Hooks (11)
  • Hareline Plain Lead Eyes XS (11)
  • Danville Flat Waxed Thread
  • Pre-Made Strong Arm Claws (11)
  • Chicone’s Crusher Legs (33)
  • Aunt Lydia’s Heavy Rug Yarn
  • Whiting American Hen Saddles (11)
  • Custom Blended Dubbing

In addition to your vise and typical tying tools, you will need UV Fly finish or Softex for the strong arm claw, a Sharpie to color the tip of the claw, and nail polish to coat the lead eyes.

11+1 Kit $75

How to Fish the SA Merkin

The SA Merkin is a technical fly for a technical fishery. Click the link below to read Nathaniel Linville of The Angling Company in Key West describe the how and why of the Strong Arm Merkin:

“Strong Arm Merkin” by Nathaniel Linville in Fly Fisherman


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