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Responsible Packaging

Our Commitment to Protecting Our Water
Author: Josh Idol | October 2020
Packing up our first orders with our new recyclable packaging.
We believe every individual and company in our tight-knit community has the responsibility to protect our fishery for future generations. As part of our commitment to that belief we’ve spent the last several months carefully sourcing packaging that will ensure our business is not adding to the waste we see every day on our flats and shorelines. Our goal was packaging that could be recycled at home without the need to remove tape, labels, adhesives, or any of the other common packing materials that cannot be recycled at the curb.

We started with new smaller, lighter mailing boxes with our invoices printed directly on the lid to save paper waste. Next we sourced compostable bags for our small patterns and recyclable glassine bags for our larger patterns. We worked with EcoEnclose, a specialty packaging company from Colorado, to source curbside recyclable package labels and shipping labels that can be recycled at home without being removed from the rest of the packaging. Finally we sourced recyclable tape and paper packing to create a 100% curbside recyclable packaging solution.

Creating a curbside recyclable package required a little creativity and a little extra expense, but we believe the onus is on companies big and small to reduce waste and utilize sustainable products and techniques in every way possible. So help us keep our water clean and toss the packaging from your next Two Aught order in the recycling!

A sad sight repeated on almost every flat and every shoreline in our state.

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