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Tarpon | Oceanside & Backcountry | Florida Keys & Everglades
Mouse #1 Ginger
Mouse #1 Chartreuse
Mouse in Purple
The Tarpon Mouse, sometimes called the Tarpon Slider, is a classic Florida tarpon fly. The Mouse is our version of the classic reimagined for the educated fish found oceanside and in the backcountry of the Keys today. We tie the Mouse Chartreuse or Ginger #1 for clear water on the ocean and Purple #2/0 for dirty water and the backcountry.

Gamakatsu SL12s Short #1
Gamakatsu SL12s Short #2/0

$10 ea.

How to Fish the Mouse

The Mouse is designed to land soft and fish near the surface with a lot of movement no matter how slow you fish it. This is our go-to pattern for laid-up fish in the backcountry basins. The Chartreuse and Ginger #1 versions ride higher in the water column with mono eyes and a marabou and ostrich tail while the Purple #2/0 version suspend near the surface with medium beadchain eyes and a bunny tail.

The Mouse in Purple is one of our favorite patterns for early season Tarpon in the Glades!


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