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SA Merkin

Permit & Bonefish | Oceanside & Backcountry | Florida Keys and Biscayne Bay
SA Merkin #2 Brown
SA Merkin #2 White
Technical: the best way to describe the SA Merkin. A technical tie for technical fishing. Fortunately, technical and permit fishing go hand in hand. Flies that truly change the way we fish are rare and Dave Skok’s Strong Arm Merkin is one of them. If you’re permit fishing in the Keys, you need the SA Merkin in your box. Tied to Dave’s recipe. Available in White or Brown on a #2 with XS eyes and a single post mono weedguard.

Mustad S71DT-34007 #2

$12 ea.

How to Fish the SA Merkin

The SA Merkin is a technical fly for a technical fishery. Click the link below to read Nathaniel Linville of The Angling Company in Key West describe the how and why of the Strong Arm Merkin:

“Strong Arm Merkin” by Nathaniel Linville in Fly Fisherman


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