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Bonefish & Permit | Oceanside & Backcountry | Florida Keys and Biscayne Bay
Mer-Kwan #1 Tan
Is it a crab? A shrimp? A toadfish? The Mer-Kwan is a bit of all three. A great, versatile bonefish and permit fly that gets down quick and stays down, necessary traits for a big bonefish or permit fly. Our version is tied on a #1 hook with small lead eyes. Comes with a single post mono weedguard.

Mustad S71DT-34007 #1

$10 ea.

How to Fish the Mer-Kwan

The Mer-Kwan is a big bonefish fly for big bonefish. Developed to target the huge bonefish of the Keys and Biscayne Bay when they’re actively feeding, the Mer-Kwan plunges straight to the bottom and stays there. The Mer-Kwan is not a finesse fly. Drop it close, let it fall, and strip it slow.


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