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Marabou Madness

Snook | Backcountry | South Florida
Marabou Madness #1/0 Black
Marabou Madness #1/0 Chartreuse & White
The Marabou Madness is a classic backcountry pattern straight from the creative mind of Chico Fernandez. It’s a simple pattern tied with a marabou tail and a mixed marabou and schlappen collar for maximum movement. The Marabou Madness is most at home in and around mangrove shorelines deep in the backcountry. Tied on a #1/0 hook with a single post mono weedguard.

Gamakatsu SC15 #1/0

$9 ea.

How to Fish the Marabou Madness

The Marabou Madness is all about movement. The splayed marabou tail and palmered marabou collar pulse even when you’re not stripping the fly. Whether you fish it slowly up around mangrove shorelines or swim it past laid up Snook in backcountry ponds, the Marabou Madness is a great winter Snook fly.


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