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Snook | Backcountry | South Florida
Haystack #1/0 Tan
Haystack #1/0 Rust
Haystack #1/0 Black
The Haystack is our interpretation of Tim Borski’s pattern of the same name. It’s a simple pattern tied with a bunny tail, schlappen collar, and dubbing head for maximum movement. The Haystack is most at home in and around mangrove shorelines deep in the backcountry. Comes with a single post mono weedguard.

Gamakatsu SC15 #1/0

$9 ea.

How to Fish the Haystack

The Haystak is designed to sink slowly with maximum movement. Fish it slowly up around mangrove shorelines or swim it past laid up Snook in backcountry ponds. The Haystack is a great winter Snook fly but it is also an effective pattern for cruising redfish or large speckled trout on the grass flats of the Indian River Lagoon or the Ten Thousand Islands.


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