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Fox Fur Slider

Bonefish | Oceanside & Backcountry | Florida Keys and Biscayne Bay
Fox Fur Slider #4 in Tan
Fox Fur Slider #4 3pk
The Fox Fur Slider is a lightweight, versatile bonefish fly as at home on an oceanside flat as it is on a backcountry bank. Available on a #4 hook with medium beadchain eyes or on a #2 hook with extra small lead eyes. Comes with a single post mono weedguard.

Mustad S71DT-34007 #4
Mustad S71DT-34007 #2

3pk $30

How to Fish the Fox Fur Slider

Most bonefishermen carry a slider in their box, it’s a great imitation of a large shrimp, goby, or any number of other small bottom-dwelling prey that Bonefish pursue in South Florida. Most commercially available sliders are too large, too heavy, and too heavily dressed for real-world bonefishing. Our slider utilizes sparse Fox Tail and synthetic blend for the tail and wing with a lightweight dubbed body and a loosely spun deer hair head to create a light, soft landing fly perfect for sightfishing. The Fox Fur Slider also makes an excellent redfish fly.


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