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The Two/Aught Order Process is Changing

Author: Josh Idol | May 2024


A Worm fly “drop”.

What’s Changing?

When I started Two/Aught in July of 2020 my goal was to offer the best damn flies designed specifically for sightfishing south Florida’s most challenging shallow water fisheries. Over the last four years my monthly order totals have grown from a few dozen flies to well over a thousand during tarpon season. Unfortunately I just can’t tie in that volume without running up wait times to an unacceptable level. I’d really like to get back to a place where I can offer the very best flies for sightfisherman without the frustrating wait.

In an effort to eliminate those long wait times I’m planning to transition away from tying-to-order toward monthly “drops” of pre-tied flies appropriate to the current and coming season. Hopefully this change will spread demand out a little more evenly and provide me with the time to bring back some patterns that just took too much time to tie to order (anyone remember the Strong Arm Chernobyl?) and offer some new patterns that have been field tested the past few seasons.

I will still offer custom orders with a two-dozen minimum for those of you who have a specific need and can order in advance.

How Will Fly Drops Work?

The date for each drop will be advertised on the site and on social media. On the day of the drop customers who’ve signed up to be notified will receive an exclusive link to a page where the flies can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis. After 24 hours I will make the remaining stock available to all on the In-Stock Flies page.

If you’re interested in accessing the monthly drops early go ahead and enter your email address in the box below to make sure you’re notified of the first drop.

A custom order headed out the door.

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