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DT Worm

Tarpon | Oceanside | Florida Keys
DT Worm #1 SL12s Short Red & Lt Olive
DT Worm #1 SL12s Short Black & Purple
The DT Worm is a departure from our usual heavy reliance on natural materials, but it’s difficult to argue with the success we’ve had over the years on this pattern. We merged Cascade Crest’s Dragon Tail with a custom dubbing blend to create a life-like and an easy-to-fish Palolo worm imitation. We offer the DT Worm in a natural Red & Lt Olive and in a Black & Purple for low light. Designed to be a softer landing alternative to the common bunny strip worm fly, we fish this pattern from April through June on the ocean.

Gamakatsu SL12s Short #1

$10 ea.

How to Fish the DT Worm

The DT Worm is designed as an alternative to the ubiquitous bunny strip worm fly. It lands softer and swims with a little more wiggle. Cast in front of the fish and slightly beyond it’s line of travel. Start a steady two-hand retrieve as soon as the fly hits the water and keep it moving as the fish approaches; never let the fish see the fly sit still.


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