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Dredge Fly

Tarpon | Backcountry | Florida Keys & Everglades
Dredge Fly in Black & Purple
The Dredge Fly is the only fly we sell that’s not specifically tied for sight fishing, but we figure every Tarpon fisherman needs a dredge fly in his or her box. Ours is based on Bob Popovics Semper Fleye design to provide a lot of bulk in a castable package. Tied about 6″ long on a #3/0 hook.

Gamakatsu SL12s Short #3/0

$12 ea.

How to Fish the Dredge Fly

Every Tarpon fisherman carries a few dredging flies and the Dredge Fly is ours. We usually fish the Dredge on an intermediate tip or full intermediate line in dirty water when we need a big profile to move fish, but it’s versatile enough to target laid up and cruising fish in off color water, particularly early in the season.


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