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SA Chernobyl

Bonefish & Permit | Oceanside & Backcountry | Florida Keys and Biscayne Bay
SA Chernobyl in Tan
SA Chernobyl 3pk in Tan
SA Chernobyl in Cream
SA Chernobyl 3pk in Cream
The SA Chernobyl is an ultralight crab pattern tied in Tim Borski’s chernobyl style with Dave Skok’s strong arm claw to create a crab that is nearly unweighted, lands incredibly softly and yet still reliably rides hook point up. It’s a nearly perfect tailing bonefish fly that’s versatile enough to use all over South Florida. The SA Chernobyl also makes for a great winter shallow-water redfish fly. Comes with a single post mono weedguard tied with medium beadchain eyes.

Mustad S71DT-34007 #2

3pk $30

How to Fish the SA Chernobyl

The SA Chernobyl is a unique fly. Almost every crab pattern utilizes heavy lead eyes to flip the hook point upright, which limits the design and function of most crab flies. Borski’s Chernobyl style and Skok’s strong arm claw were both created in an attempt to flip crab flies with less weight than typically required. The SA Chernobyl combines these techniques to create an ultralight, soft landing crab fly that will ride hook point up and track straight every time. We reach for the SA Chernobyl any time we find ourselves in skinny water with skittish fish.


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