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Tarpon | Oceanside & Backcountry | Florida Keys
Bunny #1/0 in Chartreuse
Bunny #1/0 in Ginger
Bunny #2/0 in Black
Before the Worm, the Toad, or the ALF there was the Tarpon Bunny. Every tarpon fisherman has a few in their fly box and this is our take on the original. Our Bunny is designed to offer a soft-landing and slender profile with a moderately slow sink rate. We like the #1/0 in Ginger or Chartreuse on the ocean and the #2/0 in Black in the backcountry.

Gamakatsu SL12s #1/0
Gamakatsu SL12s #2/0

$9 ea.

How to Fish the Bunny

The Bunny is a versatile pattern that can be fished in the backcountry or on the ocean. It’s slender profile allows you to imitate many of the tarpon’s favorite flats snacks and the moderate sink rate will get this fly down in front of cruising fish quicker than our lightweight patterns. The bunny tail is supported by an inline mono fouling guard and the fox fur collar is stiffened with UV resin to minimize fouling. The #2/0 in Black is a longer fly with a bulkier collar than its #1/0 kin because sometimes all you need is a long, all black fly.


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